Fellow Officers and Members,

Due to recent security enhancements by DoD, NGAUS will no longer be able to mail to military email addresses. Over the next few weeks, they will be attempting to reach out to those with a address to ask them to update their contact information to a civilian address.

They understand what a difficult process this is and are asking for state support in securing civilian email addresses. NGAMN encourages new and current members to share their personal email addresses. You can control your subscription preferences online so if at any point in time, you would like to opt out of receiving something from NGAUS, you can.

Thank you for your support,
NGAMN Board Members

All retired National Guardsmen and Reservists are now only a presidential signature away from finally being recognized as veterans.

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Our mission:

Advocate and represent all Members and Families of the Minnesota National Guard (MNNG); Past, Present, and Future.

  • Veteran status for Guardsmen and Reservists that honorably serve 20 years.
  • Military retirement pay exempt from state taxes - passed in 2016
  • Member organization for the Soldiers, Airmen and Families of the Minnesota National Guard.
  • Free 1st year membership in NGAMN to all new Officer/Warrant members of the MNNG.
  • State Sponsored Life Insurance Program (SSLI) providing outstanding benefit to members AND families not available through SGLI.
  • Free $10,000 one year life insurance to all new members of MNNG.
  • Scholarship program for any active member, retired life member, alumni life member, or spouse/child/grandchild of an active member or retired/alumni life member of NGAMN.
  • Advocate within the state and nationally to promote those issues which will enhance the combat readiness of the MNNG.
  • Care for the well-being of the MNNG soldiers, airmen and their families.
  • Successful in lobbying for dozens of benefits such as enlistment bonuses, upgrades to weapon systems and equipment, tax exempt state drill pay as well as AGR pay and many more.
  • Fully supports the advocacy of NGAUS and EANGUS at the National level.
  • Member organization operated by service members, for service members.


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