State Conference

Due to COVID-19, this year's State Conference Business Meeting will be held virtually. The current plan is to hold the meeting online April 25th from 1030 to 1200 hours. The intent is to address required Association items such as voting on New Officers and Resolutions.

The meeting will be held using Microsoft Teams and a link will be provide here NLT 24 hours prior to start. A reminder, that only current members can vote, but all Officers are invited to listen in.

Invites will be sent out to those who have provided a civilian email address, if you signed up using something other, we kindly ask you to go here, UPDATE EMAIL ADDRESS, NLT April 17th. You will need to log into the NGAUS membership page and click the Edit Contact Link.

2019 Conference Minutes to Download

2019 By Laws to Download

Current Membership Status as of 4/20/2020

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