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JFHQ Group Rep:
Michael Piontek
Jason Hull

HQ 34ID Group Rep:
Sarah Witt
Tim Grinde

1ABCT Group Rep:
Terry Melcher

34 ECAB Group Rep:
Jordan Meskill
Sydney Mortenson

347RSG Group Rep:
Johnny Villarreal
Rebbecca Moenkhaus

84TC Group Rep:
Chad Paulson

133AW Group Rep:
Sally Moen

148FW Group Rep
Chris Adams
Jordan Richards

CO Grade Army Rep:
Andrea Drost

CO Grade Air Rep:
Brian Willis

Warrant Officer Rep
Brett Setterlund

Alumni Group Rep:
Tim Kennedy

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Group Representatives Responsibilities:

  • Provide representation for members of their respective group in all aspects of the Association including expressing and elevating thoughts and concerns to the President to facilitate conversation between the Board and group members.
  • Educate members in their group on the benefits and accomplishment of the Association and increase membership and involvement. This includes planning, staffing, and reviewing membership development opportunities and providing quarterly membership strength within their groups with action items for growth.
  • Act as liaison to the Board in matters of information dissemination and group roster accuracy.
  • Serve as Chair of their respective caucuses during the Annual Meeting and advise the President on matters pertaining to issues that impact their caucus members.
  • Serve on the Committee as designated in Article VII COMMITTEES.

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