NGAMN SSLI Initiative

Below are the instructions to submit a letter to your Minnesota State Elected Officials. Please read all instruction first before acting.

  1. Click EANGUS Legislative Call to Action Page in a seperate window to find the online form.
  2. Scroll down to the "Find Officials" Dialogue Box.
  3.  Enter your ZIP code, click the small grey arrow (Enter will not submit).
  4. Enter your Street Address, click the small grey arrow (Enter will not submit).
  5. Select the Governor, your State Senator and State Representative.
  6. Click "Compose Message"
  7. Copy and paste the following into the subject: National Guard SSLI
  8. Copy and paste the message following these instructions into the Message Body of the form.
  9. Enter in the remaining required information.
  10. Click "Send Message"
  11. For Governor Mark Dayton Topic Dropdown, select "Military Affairs"
  12. Finally, click "Send Message"

Message to Copy and Paste is below:


I ask that you support Minnesota H.F. 2869 and S.F. 2692. A bill for an act relating to military affairs; providing National Guard members access to information regarding state-sponsored life insurance program; proposing coding for new law in Minnesota Statutes, chapter 192.

What is the State Sponsored Life Insurance (SSLI)? SSLI is a life insurance program exclusively offered to all members of the Minnesota National Guard.

How much will this cost taxpayers? Nothing! This legislation has no impact on the state budget.

What does this legislation accomplish? This legislation makes it clear that National Guard units are able to provide information on the SSLI program to their unit members during duty days, drill weekends, and annual training.

Why is access to SSLI important for National Guard members? SSLI provides all members of the Minnesota National Guard with:

1) $1,000 no cost life insurance benefit.

2) Affordable life insurance with no war or aviation exclusion.

3) Year-round continuous coverage regardless of duty status

4) Life insurance options for spouse and children.

5) Continuous life insurance after retirement/separation.

6) $10,000 of no cost life insurance for new recruits in their first-year.

How is the SSLI program funded? The SSLI program is self-supportive from the National Guard members who participate. The proceeds help support the no-cost life insurance benefits that National Guard members receive.

Why do we need this legislation? This legislation is important for members of the Minnesota National Guard because:

1) Many members of the Minnesota National Guard are not aware of their SSLI benefits.

2) We continue to have members who did not know about SSLI until after they lost their SGLI insurance due to retirement or separation from service. 

3) In 2017, not even one new recruit in Minnesota National Guard completed the paperwork for their $10,000 no cost life insurance.

4) Although they are automatically eligible for the $1,000 life insurance benefit. This money can get held up in an estate if they did not designate a beneficiary.